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交通便利,生活機能佳 (Apartment Rent AI000197)

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Serial number : AI000197 Rent
4F, No.81, Minsheng W. Rd., Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan
(Tell lessor that you got this message from Heyxu, please~)
House Basic Info
Update2016-07-08 (16-07-08 posted)
Object typeApartment
Space102 m2
Age40 Year
Floor/Total4, Total(4)
Rent payment$ 60,000
Earnest money
2 Month
Layout7 Room, 0 living/dining, 1 bath
Allow Limits
  • Female
  • Male
Moveable time2016-07-08
Provides facility / Equipment / Option
  • near Mall
  • near Convenience store
  • near Market
  • Near night-market
  • near Park
  • near School
  • near Hospital
  • near Police office
  • near MRT
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