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(Apartment Sell AI000057)

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Serial number : AI000057 Sell
新莊一路, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
(Tell lessor that you got this message from Heyxu, please~)
House Basic Info
Update2008-06-14 (08-06-14 posted)
Object typeApartment
Space112 m2
Age12 Year
Floor/Total3, Total(23)
Sell price$ 3,660,000
Layout2 Room, 2 living/dining, 3 bath
Allow Limits
    Moveable time2008-06-14
    Provides facility / Equipment / Option
      Short Introduce
      1.面對國中國小視野遼闊通風清新採光明亮鬧中取靜 頂級住宅 2.面臨黃昏市場便利超商博愛巨蛋商圈.高鐵總站已 通車.生活機能百分百 3.全新打造六星級乾濕分離spa設計衛浴享受沐浴的 情趣 .挑高式質感氣派大廳.出入管理嚴謹 4.尊貴氣派花崗岩建材皇室大廳.超大豪華10坪大主臥.浪漫品茗溫馨日式和室 5.R14捷運站.巨蛋體育館2009世運會.漢神百貨年底 即將開幕.無限潛力超級好地段 .北高雄最閃亮之星 6.價位可議ㄛ~~ 最適合單身.新婚.頂客族.銀族.享受 人生新生活主張.新莊一路60米香榭大道上享受芬多 精鮮氧 看屋請電聯陳小姐0913502600 http://tw.myblog.yahoo.com/sg0323/(連結我的部落格裡面有房屋照片及介紹可看)

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